Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sundays!! I love sundays it marks the beginning of my wifes "weekend",  it's a nice relaxing day, and well its just fun! This morning however did not start out so fun Rae Rae was not having a good time last night through the am her stomach haas been bothering her she's had a lot of gas and it makes her very cranky. She was up about every hour to hour and a half. So I got no sleep. She didn't want to eat she was just trying to pass her gas.

I have been doing a certain massage on her to help her relieve it and it really seems to be working! She also really likes the massaging too. She is spoiled already getting massages. So the other day I was just brushing up on my photography taking some shots of Rae and she sucked her thumb for the first time! It was so cute! She did it that night again on the bath! (she loves baths by the way) how flipping exciting!

Wifey had to work ealry this morning and she got home around 11:30am and now we are just relaxing watching Law & Order: SVU. Its our favorite show to watch, we don't have cable so we just watch netflix, and hulu.

I have learned to do my makeup one handed while holding my baby girl. Its definately a longer process but she is happy and I get to feel pretty!

btw breastfeeding is going great!

 She also slept the entire time I washed my brushes too!!

I hope you all have enjoyed these few quick posts I've been doing when I get the chance.


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  1. She is SO adorable! I cant believe you had her a month ago...where did the time go? I hope you are enjoying her and I know everyone says this...but they really do grow up SO fast! I can't even remember Shayne being that little!