Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wifey's cooking

I have been telling my wife that is an excellent cook for years!! Most recently she has turned it into her passion. Unfortunately she doesn't have much time to take to cook and do what she loves and enjoys. I wish I could free up some of her time but its all basically because she is working a ton.

Anyway I have most recently been telling her she needs to start a catering business and share her amazing food with so many people. I think she could really do it and I would support her and back her up 100% (plus I can do the baking for her) She of course doesn't think it would be a success and doesn't want to pursue it right now, but I think she has a great talent so I am not going to let off.

She has a super amazing talent and its something she loves to do. I know a lot of people say that you can't just make a business out of what you love. It might make you hate it, or the business may fail etc. There's so many reasons not to do it but there could also be positives just to name a few; you do what you love, you make your own hours, you're your own boss, have more time for family, and so many more!

I know nothing comes overnight but it would be something fun, exciting, and challenging for her and I to work towards together. I'm not sure if I will ever talk her into it but I think she would honestly love it. I have been writing down ideas and strategies on how to start and keep the business running and get clients, etc.

Sorry there's not many pictures on this post. I will be sure to take some the next time she gets a minute to make some more delicious food


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baked day!

So like I have said in previous posts we are at my mom's house to be closer to the hospital for when it's time to deliver.
My sister came over today and we had a bake-fest!

Well kind of we made two cakes we used white cake but dyed one blue and one red. Again kind of, they were red and blue on the inside, the outsides both turned a bit different color but we had a ton of fun making them!

While we were baking these cakes and waiting for them to cool we made and ate some...... RICE KRISPIES!!!!! They are my super duper, ultimate favorite sweet!!

They were/are so yummy!!

But after that we made our own frosting it was super easy and fast, and we put the cake in mason jars and put frosting in between layers and it came out so super cute!!

So these are super fun for any holiday we obviously made these for 4th of July, but you can use any food coloring and make it for any holiday, birthday, etc!

Hope you all enjoyed and try this out for your next party!!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't have any cute outfits right now and dont feel the need to go out and buy anything cute for my last 2 weeks of being pregnant so I have resorted to basically what fits. Its not that I'm wearing scrubs or pajama pants/sweats I'm just wearing super casual tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts.

Also being that its so hot here, you step outside and you instantly start sweating, its just easier to wear shorts and a simple t-shirt. I am hoping to get a some what updated wardrobe after I lose the baby weight and everything but we shall see.

I know I said I was going to be stylish during the pregnancy but it has got a lot harder.. like I said it being so hot and not gaining much weight until now...sheesh!

I did take a few pictures today of the outfit I was wearing nothing super special but I will add them and they also are belly shots starting my 38th week exactly today 6-27-11

Ok so the stupid memory card is old it isn't compatable with any of the new computer ports. SO there are no pictures for this post. SORRY


Sunday, June 26, 2011

37 weeks 6 days

Today 6-26-11 I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I am feeling very anxious and done.

This was last week when we were headed into town

This was what we saw on our way into town..Rose Fields!!

I want her to be here I'm sick of feeling huge and like I can't do things. In my previous post I told you a little about how Reina has been measuring small so they want to do ultrasounds twice a week til she is here. Well I got them all scheduled and we will start going on June 27th. The following appointments will be 7-1-11, 7-5-11, 7-8-11. I had the option of making one for her due date 7-11-11 but I chose not to for right now (hoping I won't still be pregnant then).

Basically they are going to monitor her breathing and check fluids and her organs and everything. If there is any slight change or decrease in any of these then we will be discussing having her early. (Well that is my understanding) At the appointment I was kind of all over the place after she said two ultrasounds a week I got nervous and thought something was majorly wrong. But she also said it was standard for smaller babies and that she wasn't concerned/worried yet ( I understand she doesn't want to be the reason/liable something wasn't caught (if there were something wrong)) She said lets just get the ultrasounds set up and get the results of those and go from there.

Her nose is all squished!

Being only 1cm dilated is well pretty sucky for lack of a better word. I am not beating myself up over it but I was hoping for at least 2cm. I have been doing some walking and a little bit of acupressure that I read might help with dilation/bring on labor. ( I've only done it like once last week and twice this week) So I'm hoping maybe this time when I have my appointment on Tuesday I will be at least a 2 maybe 3?

I have been trying to keep myself busy with getting the finishing touches of the house all set but there's just somethings I can't do because physically I can't and also financially we are just strapped. I have my own "office" area in our bedroom and I finally put the curtains up to block that off it's just temporary for now but they are up and look pretty good I think.

The picture quality is not great taken on my camera phone.

I have my hospital bag packed, wifey's bag and baby Reina's bag all packed and ready for the hospital. On top of those three bags we are going to be staying with my mom to be closer to the hospital, we actually will be going over there on the 26th, we will also have a weeks worth of clothes to pack to take over there too!! So much stuff!! ( we are going to pack for a week at a time since we are unsure of how long we will be there for and then after those clothes are all dirty we can take a day to come back to our house and I can play with the dogs and get a new set of clothes)

I also went to this really cool warehouse with my mom they sell all kinds of stuff that still works but has been returned (for no good reason) and I saw this adorable little playhouse and I wanted it for Reina so bad!!

Sooo adorable right?

I am hoping she comes soon my original goal was around July 4th but now I am getting more used to the idea that she will come when she comes. I mean I knew that before but I had it in my head I would probably try to induce myself (naturally) before then but now I'm just like some walking and random massaging not really actively trying.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nautical Fun

So when we first moved into the new place one of the very first things that we did was paint the Nursery. We had a couple ideas in our head and I couldn't decide what I really wanted. My sister was enlisted to help and when we brought up the idea of doing stripes on the wall she thought it sounded pretty easy. HA! We thought it would be simple until we actually started. There were quite a few things that went wrong just to name a few we couldn't get the width spacing right, and definitely could not get the taping straight. But we had already started so I felt we needed to finish and put a ton of effort into it.

Well the hard work paid off!! I think the room came out marvoulous especially for it being our first time making stripes. There are some flaws but most of the big furniature in her room covers it up. So anyway I will get on with it and show you the finished room and explain as I go.

Oh by the way I got picture happy so I hope you enjoy!!

So this is the view straight across from the door she has her dresser and a few wall decorations

 Moving right along to the right this would be her crib on the "accent" stripe wall with a gift bag we recieved at the shower. It's so cute it has her name on it!

to the right of her crib she's got a gorgeous oil painting of a sailboat right above her clothes hamper next to her closet.

The full view of the "accent" stripe wall. (you can see at the top the tape peeled off the top stripe a little but, and the stripes are a little thinner on the left.) I love what it looks like even if it's not perfect

Above her closet was looking a bit plain so I took the decor from my baby shower that my sister made and draped it across the top. It just adds a little something.

 Next to her closet is her lovely boat that we painted and stained with all her knick-knacks. We put the boat up super high its literally touching the ceiling so that she wouldn't be able to grab anything off the shelves for a while.

 As you can see we did paint one wall the solid blue and just put accents on it I really like the way this came out too. Wifey had the idea to put the huge anchor inside the red frame!

 I think it looks pretty creative atop her bookcase. Looking at this picture it looks like we may need to declutter the top of her bookshelf a little. But I just love how many books she has already, I can't wait to read to her!

Moving right along her is her other dresser. (yes she has two!) There is another beatiful photo of a larger sailboat on the solid blue wall as well and above her dress she has some more decor and there is an aquarium mobile thing that is supposed to be plugged in but I have no idea where to plug it so she can see it. ( any ideas)

So here is a full wall shot (kind of) oh on either side of her bookcase she has a giant teddy bear and a white leopard. They don't really go with the theme but they're cute. (also in front of her dresser is her playmat thats another thing I have no idea where to place)

So inbetween both of her dressers is a pretty decent size window (which doesn't have a screen yeah I don't like it either luckily she won't be in her room for a couple months) and also her changing table that has loads of diapers and wipes all stocked up.

 The one thing I still have to do is make her curtain which is going to be just adorable!! On top of her changing pad is the boppy pillow with the cover I made, and underneath well that's all the diapers and wipes. Oh yeah and my pup princess Lucy!

 An entire wall view.

So as you can see I put labels on each of the drawers for many reasons; to keep things organized, for when we have family over to help they don't have to ask where things are, and so when she is older she can read where things are!

Here is a close up of the wall hangings above both of her dressers. They are just very beachy and have different scenes on them and they are made of ceramic.

 I also labeled the baskets that have her diapers in them just incase I lose my mind.. or something like that.

 Stocked up with her diapers for at least 3 weeks (hopefully)

This rug is in front of her crib and there is also another one in front of her changing table I got these at Ikea months ago and I didn't know where I was going to put them but they work perfectly in there and match the paint perfectly too!! 

 As you can see her second dresser isn't filled with clothes (well one drawer is) it has some of her misclaneous stuff like sheets, hats, bows, things to take on the go, etc.

 This is going to be her jewelry box, when she gets some I have a bracelet I made for her but I was thinking this would be filled with her nicer jewelry. Wifey and I painted and decorated it ourselves.

This fram also doesn't match but its soo dang cute!! This is sitting next to her jewelry case on top of her dresser.

 This is for her safety so she knows how to tie knots (lol) Just kidding! But we saw this at a thrift store and thought it would match her room decor perfectly so we snatched it up for $4!

 All of her glorious books she has so far! I just love this!!

 Second shelf of her book case has two silver frames with beach type pictures in them and the photo album in the middle says new baby girl. And of course her toy that plays music/teaches the A, B, C's!

 On top of her bookshelf there is a stereo so she can listen to her soothing music to sleep and calm down well on top of that is her candle holder (doubt we'll light these unless we're in there)

 She also has her own Alaskan Amber beer tab. Lol wifey got this from her work and it just matched perfectly so in her room it went. Its not really in the place I want it because it's a bit hidden. I think I might hang it on the wall...

 Behind her door of course every girl needs a mirror to check herself out so we got this red mirror (actually from my mom) and just hung it up back there.

 We also have to vases on top of one of her dressers this one is filled with water and shells from San Diego ( the shells are from San Diego not the water)

 This vase is filled with sand and shells from San Diego. (yes both sand and shells are from San Diego actually from the beach we got married at)

Some up close views of what is on her boat shelves. Lowest shelf has a few shells, starfish, and a sailboat all from Fort Bragg, CA

 A lighthouse picture frame from a thrift store and another sailboat again from a thrift store.

This picture ended up blurry but anyway the boat on the side is from my grandma the big white thing in the middle is an elephant tusk with this awesome carving of the ocean with boats and everything nautical on it. The last sailboat is from a thrift store and is very delicate its pretty awesome how its made of shells and string.

Her closet is a little bit disorganized right now but I am still working on washing all of her clothes.

 I also made little markers to separate all of her clothes by months.

 Cubby system in her closet has extra diapers and wipes and burp cloths.

 her stuffed animals all hanging out together

I hope you all enjoyed this post and all the pictures. A big thank you to my wifey, sister, and mom for helping me get it all ready and basically in order for her to have a room to come home to.