Sunday, June 26, 2011

37 weeks 6 days

Today 6-26-11 I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant and I am feeling very anxious and done.

This was last week when we were headed into town

This was what we saw on our way into town..Rose Fields!!

I want her to be here I'm sick of feeling huge and like I can't do things. In my previous post I told you a little about how Reina has been measuring small so they want to do ultrasounds twice a week til she is here. Well I got them all scheduled and we will start going on June 27th. The following appointments will be 7-1-11, 7-5-11, 7-8-11. I had the option of making one for her due date 7-11-11 but I chose not to for right now (hoping I won't still be pregnant then).

Basically they are going to monitor her breathing and check fluids and her organs and everything. If there is any slight change or decrease in any of these then we will be discussing having her early. (Well that is my understanding) At the appointment I was kind of all over the place after she said two ultrasounds a week I got nervous and thought something was majorly wrong. But she also said it was standard for smaller babies and that she wasn't concerned/worried yet ( I understand she doesn't want to be the reason/liable something wasn't caught (if there were something wrong)) She said lets just get the ultrasounds set up and get the results of those and go from there.

Her nose is all squished!

Being only 1cm dilated is well pretty sucky for lack of a better word. I am not beating myself up over it but I was hoping for at least 2cm. I have been doing some walking and a little bit of acupressure that I read might help with dilation/bring on labor. ( I've only done it like once last week and twice this week) So I'm hoping maybe this time when I have my appointment on Tuesday I will be at least a 2 maybe 3?

I have been trying to keep myself busy with getting the finishing touches of the house all set but there's just somethings I can't do because physically I can't and also financially we are just strapped. I have my own "office" area in our bedroom and I finally put the curtains up to block that off it's just temporary for now but they are up and look pretty good I think.

The picture quality is not great taken on my camera phone.

I have my hospital bag packed, wifey's bag and baby Reina's bag all packed and ready for the hospital. On top of those three bags we are going to be staying with my mom to be closer to the hospital, we actually will be going over there on the 26th, we will also have a weeks worth of clothes to pack to take over there too!! So much stuff!! ( we are going to pack for a week at a time since we are unsure of how long we will be there for and then after those clothes are all dirty we can take a day to come back to our house and I can play with the dogs and get a new set of clothes)

I also went to this really cool warehouse with my mom they sell all kinds of stuff that still works but has been returned (for no good reason) and I saw this adorable little playhouse and I wanted it for Reina so bad!!

Sooo adorable right?

I am hoping she comes soon my original goal was around July 4th but now I am getting more used to the idea that she will come when she comes. I mean I knew that before but I had it in my head I would probably try to induce myself (naturally) before then but now I'm just like some walking and random massaging not really actively trying.

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