Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baked day!

So like I have said in previous posts we are at my mom's house to be closer to the hospital for when it's time to deliver.
My sister came over today and we had a bake-fest!

Well kind of we made two cakes we used white cake but dyed one blue and one red. Again kind of, they were red and blue on the inside, the outsides both turned a bit different color but we had a ton of fun making them!

While we were baking these cakes and waiting for them to cool we made and ate some...... RICE KRISPIES!!!!! They are my super duper, ultimate favorite sweet!!

They were/are so yummy!!

But after that we made our own frosting it was super easy and fast, and we put the cake in mason jars and put frosting in between layers and it came out so super cute!!

So these are super fun for any holiday we obviously made these for 4th of July, but you can use any food coloring and make it for any holiday, birthday, etc!

Hope you all enjoyed and try this out for your next party!!


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