Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wifey's cooking

I have been telling my wife that is an excellent cook for years!! Most recently she has turned it into her passion. Unfortunately she doesn't have much time to take to cook and do what she loves and enjoys. I wish I could free up some of her time but its all basically because she is working a ton.

Anyway I have most recently been telling her she needs to start a catering business and share her amazing food with so many people. I think she could really do it and I would support her and back her up 100% (plus I can do the baking for her) She of course doesn't think it would be a success and doesn't want to pursue it right now, but I think she has a great talent so I am not going to let off.

She has a super amazing talent and its something she loves to do. I know a lot of people say that you can't just make a business out of what you love. It might make you hate it, or the business may fail etc. There's so many reasons not to do it but there could also be positives just to name a few; you do what you love, you make your own hours, you're your own boss, have more time for family, and so many more!

I know nothing comes overnight but it would be something fun, exciting, and challenging for her and I to work towards together. I'm not sure if I will ever talk her into it but I think she would honestly love it. I have been writing down ideas and strategies on how to start and keep the business running and get clients, etc.

Sorry there's not many pictures on this post. I will be sure to take some the next time she gets a minute to make some more delicious food


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