Friday, April 29, 2011

Simple Glam

So my sister (click for link) had an event to go to for work the other day so I did her hair and make up.

I started off with applying her concealer, primer, foundation.

Then I just gave her a simple smokey eye very light and subtle.

Some pink blush and a tiny bit of bronzer

Then I simply curled her hair with a flat iron.

Here is the final look!!!

She looks phenomenal!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this quick post!!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reina's Nursery

So I have been "nesting" a ton lately mainly all in Reina's room and a bit in our room I have three different lists things that have to be done, things that have come up, and things that need to be sold/given away and things that need to be replaced.

Like I said right now my focus has been on Reina's room and it is not anywhere near done but I have been working on getting things in the right places and figuring out what I need and want to add.

The closet has been a really huge task because we don't know how long we are going to be staying in this house so we don't want to put all this money into a closet system so we've created our own.

Like I said its no where near done and after the shower we have added some stuff to it and its a mess but my mom is coming over to help me get some stuff organized.

I had also been working on her bookcase I hand painted just a few things on it and we think it came out pretty cute!!

Somethings that still need to be done the frames (below) need to be filled in which will be happening soon re-hang wall decor (we used the nails that were already previously in the wall)

We also need to get a dvd player so we can have her listen/watch educational dvds (and we can watch something while feeding her)

These last two pictures are well basically walking into her room from the living room.

I hope you like all that we have done so far I will be sure to keep you all updated!! There will be a ton more progress in the next couple months.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flower headbands and hair clips!

I have recently been exploring my crafty side and I came up with a few flowers and put them on a few clips and headbands and I have been wearing them non-stop!!

I love them you can match them with your outfits everyday and it just makes an outfit a little bit more girly and adds a little bit of spice!!

I have been making a few and selling them on etsy if you want to check them out head on over to

All money made from the shop is going towards things to buy for Reina and a savings account!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Lux Addiction Phone case Review

So I want to run through a review of a phone case made by Lux Addiction.

 I love sparkly, shiny, glittery stuff and this is super sparkly!! If you are like me and love these kinds of conversation starters then you'll love Lux Addiction!

 They make cases for all different kinds of phones, you just let them know which model you have. You can even have a case custom made!
 My review is going to be more about my experience with Lux Addiction and how I feel about how the case is made and overall thoughts.

Quality: The quality to me is overall okay. After having it on my phone for about 1 hour, one tiny crystal did come off. I checked all other crystals, but no others came off. The next couple days they were fine but on the third day another gem fell off as I was picking up my phone. (I want to also add that I am not super rough with my phone.)
 Extra crystals do come with your case as well. It's not a big deal, just wanted to state that it did happen. You really can't even tell where they fell off from. I do really love the design that I got and it snaps onto your phone with ease. The case fits exactly right and I have had no other problems with it so far.
Experience: My experience with Lux Addiction was really great. They were extremely helpful when I was in contact with them. They told me it would take 2 weeks and it took exactly 2 weeks on the day.
Shipping was really fast and it was packaged very nicely in bubble wrap and a medium size white bag. When I contacted them letting them know a jewel had fallen off they had advised me to use a nail glue to re-attach it to my phone. (however I decided against doing this as you can't even see where they fell off from.)
Price: Now I'm definitely not going to say they are cheap. They are expensive ($79.95) and some may say definitely over priced. If you are crafty, you can always make one yourself.
But I might add that they use a different kind of glue that makes the jewels stay on better/longer. So the price is going to depend if you really want one.

So there is my review for Lux Addiction phone case. I hope this review helps you all in some way!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Striped Maxi

Again here is another nautical inspired outfit. Like I said I've been trying to find one for my shower again this is not it but a good favorite. I also think this needs a few red accessories but I have realized I don't have very many accessories at all. That is going to have to change ;)

Dress- Forever 21
Shoes- Bakers
Necklace- Forever 21

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Delicious snack

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! We have been making it a point to start eating at home more which is not a huge problem for us we already eat at home the majority of the time but we just want to make sure that we are eating healthy.

One of my favorite foods right now are fruits, my sister gave me the "recipe" for this amazing fruit "salad." I want to share it all with you its super easy and fast

Step 1:
Gather all of your favorite fruits for example I chose bananas, strawberries, green apple, kiwi, green grapes, and mandarins.

Step 2:
Cut up all fruit (for the mandarin buy the kind that is in a fruit cup that has syrup in it this helps keep all the other fruit better for longer plus its yummy)

Step 3:
Mix all together!!

Step 4:

I hope this was helpful and you all try it out its so yummy and healthy for you!! I promise you won't regret it!!!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

70's Maiden

I have been trying to find the perfect outfit for this top that I had bought almost a year ago and nothing has ever worked out. I finally found a few things to coordinate it so that it looks pretty decent. I also think If I had a white pair of shorts it would look really cute maybe even with some cowboy boots!! I am now on the hunt for white shorts.

Tunic top- Forever 21
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Bakers
Belt- from other dress from forever 21

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nautical fun!

So I have been looking at outfits for my baby shower since the theme is nautical I want to of course match that. I have been matching up all things that remind me of pin up or red, blue and white. This is one of the outfits that came out. I am not going to wear this to the shower but I still love it!!

Romper- Forever 21
Shoes- Payless
Necklace- Forever 21
Belt- came with other shorts