Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Delicious snack

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!! We have been making it a point to start eating at home more which is not a huge problem for us we already eat at home the majority of the time but we just want to make sure that we are eating healthy.

One of my favorite foods right now are fruits, my sister gave me the "recipe" for this amazing fruit "salad." I want to share it all with you its super easy and fast

Step 1:
Gather all of your favorite fruits for example I chose bananas, strawberries, green apple, kiwi, green grapes, and mandarins.

Step 2:
Cut up all fruit (for the mandarin buy the kind that is in a fruit cup that has syrup in it this helps keep all the other fruit better for longer plus its yummy)

Step 3:
Mix all together!!

Step 4:

I hope this was helpful and you all try it out its so yummy and healthy for you!! I promise you won't regret it!!!


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