Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reina's Nursery

So I have been "nesting" a ton lately mainly all in Reina's room and a bit in our room I have three different lists things that have to be done, things that have come up, and things that need to be sold/given away and things that need to be replaced.

Like I said right now my focus has been on Reina's room and it is not anywhere near done but I have been working on getting things in the right places and figuring out what I need and want to add.

The closet has been a really huge task because we don't know how long we are going to be staying in this house so we don't want to put all this money into a closet system so we've created our own.

Like I said its no where near done and after the shower we have added some stuff to it and its a mess but my mom is coming over to help me get some stuff organized.

I had also been working on her bookcase I hand painted just a few things on it and we think it came out pretty cute!!

Somethings that still need to be done the frames (below) need to be filled in which will be happening soon re-hang wall decor (we used the nails that were already previously in the wall)

We also need to get a dvd player so we can have her listen/watch educational dvds (and we can watch something while feeding her)

These last two pictures are well basically walking into her room from the living room.

I hope you like all that we have done so far I will be sure to keep you all updated!! There will be a ton more progress in the next couple months.


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