Thursday, April 7, 2011

26 weeks 3 days

I am in my 26th week of pregnancy and I am feeling pretty well! Nothing major to complain about.

  • lower back ache
  • braxton hicks
  • leg cramps only when I stretch (when laying in bed)
  • calf tightening
  • headaches
  • baby feels heavier
  • trouble staying asleep

I have been nesting which is hard because we may have to move in a month or so but I can't resist! Her room is coming along nicely and finally looking like her room!! The next major thing that needs to be tackled is her closet or the lack there of. There is a nook in the corner of her room and there was a closet there once upon a time but the owners of the house took it out to use that room as an office. What we are going to do is use a shelf unit and basically arrange it to fit into the area with a little bar for hanging her clothes.

I want to show you all now since I have shown you the before in a previous post. (click here for a reminder) Kind of like a step by step process but I'm not sure maybe I'll just do a finished product post.

I have become obsessed with organizing everything and I already have ideas of how to keep her clothes, blankets, pacifiers, etc all in order and organized. I am even going to put Velcro tags on her drawers telling myself, Tiffany and other people who will dress her where certain items of clothing are. I figure it will be organized and quick to look instead of having to explain where things are.

I finally gave in and bought a maternity pillow by boppy. All I can say is I have no clue why I waited so long!! My wife even tries to steal it she wants to buy one for herself! If you are having troubles with belly pain, etc. at night please do yourself a favor and go buy one!

I have not had swollen feet,  constipation, I have only gained 5 pounds since my first doctors appointment. However that is not how much I will have to lose after she is born I will need to lose enough to be 115 which is my comfort weight where I look and feel my best. I also have not had much pain in my ribs my pain is mainly when I am trying to move around in the middle of the night.

This was quite a long post I hope you all enjoy and are having a fantastic day!!



  1. Love it! Can't wait to see her room!

  2. Oh I cant wait to see her room. Your going to be an amazing mommy :) xx