Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Tacos Atoyac

So my wife and I really love mexican food and especially little hole in the wall places. My mom had found  Tacos Atoyac in the Phoenix magazine, and pointed it out. With Tiffany working so much we hadn't had time to go but my mom and I have and we are in love!!!

Reina loves their coke in a bottle!

my mom trying to figure out the camera haha

Their Guacamole sauce is delicious and spicy too its a perfect addition to their $1 tacos!

My mom got one lengua taco which she said was great!

My mom got their fish tacos which she fell in love with

I got the chicken tacos and I have to admit I have not tried anything else because when I find something I really like I tend to not change it up but I plan on trying something new next time!

They also give you a side of onions and peppers that are to die for! These onions are seriously grilled to perfection! I even got extra last time and ate some by themselves!

Our whole spread. AMAZING!

I took a few pictures of the inside so you could see its very simple which I like they focus more on creating a welcome atmosphere with talking to you and making you feel relaxed rather than have a lot of overhead non-sense. Its great! Dan (one of the owners) is so warm, and welcome he really knows how to make you feel comfortable.

I love churros they are one of my favorite desserts (my sister and I are churro snobs) and they really know how to make them taste great! The sauce is the icing on the cake! ;)

I really give them a thumbs up and 5 stars they are overall great!



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

40's style waves

I have been wanting to do a 40's inspired soft waves on my sister since she has been growing her hair out. It so long! I finally got to do so and we even got to make a tutorial on it. So if you have been wanting to see how to achieve this look, look no further...

This was before!

And after! She looks gorgeous! 

I didn't take a step by step picture tutorial but I did make a video

Hope you enjoyed!!


Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY camera bag

This is how I converted my ugly, plain camera bag into a cute and fashionable one!
I used the Nikon camera bag that came with my camera as seen below

So I converted that bag into this one!

Step 1:
Empty out the entire bag 

Step two:
Cut off the flap on top with the yellow trim

I cut as close as I possibly can (there are a few bits left but I'm not worried about it)
If you wanted to get closer you could use a actual razor blade

Step 3:
Cut off the strap (you can leave this on if you want to be able to remove your bag and carry it around set I however did not need to)

Step 4: 
Remove clips from front of bag

I chose to take these off by just undoing the strap rather than cut it off in-case I needed to re-attach them for another reason.

Step 5:
Grab your bag (make sure the size is right)
and clean it out completely

Step 6:
Insert the black bag into your bag of choice

Step 7:

Insert spacers to best fit your items

 Step 8:

Add all of your camera(s) and accessories!

I tried to label everything so you could see how much extra room I had and I still have plenty of room to add other things.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Big girl

Reina Jean is just shy of 6 months but she sure isn't acting like it (acting older). Today she had a huge moment and crawled a little bit on her hands AND knees!! She has been doing the army crawl for about 4-5 weeks and she just finally got up on her knees and moved forward a bit. It's still a bit shakey but she will get better I am so happy and excited!! My little baby girl is growing up so fast!!

This was just one of videos I caught I hope you all enjoy I was soo thrilled I almost cried!
I love my baby girl and she is growing up so fast!