Friday, January 6, 2012

DIY camera bag

This is how I converted my ugly, plain camera bag into a cute and fashionable one!
I used the Nikon camera bag that came with my camera as seen below

So I converted that bag into this one!

Step 1:
Empty out the entire bag 

Step two:
Cut off the flap on top with the yellow trim

I cut as close as I possibly can (there are a few bits left but I'm not worried about it)
If you wanted to get closer you could use a actual razor blade

Step 3:
Cut off the strap (you can leave this on if you want to be able to remove your bag and carry it around set I however did not need to)

Step 4: 
Remove clips from front of bag

I chose to take these off by just undoing the strap rather than cut it off in-case I needed to re-attach them for another reason.

Step 5:
Grab your bag (make sure the size is right)
and clean it out completely

Step 6:
Insert the black bag into your bag of choice

Step 7:

Insert spacers to best fit your items

 Step 8:

Add all of your camera(s) and accessories!

I tried to label everything so you could see how much extra room I had and I still have plenty of room to add other things.

Hope you enjoyed this post!!


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