Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Restaurant Review: Tacos Atoyac

So my wife and I really love mexican food and especially little hole in the wall places. My mom had found  Tacos Atoyac in the Phoenix magazine, and pointed it out. With Tiffany working so much we hadn't had time to go but my mom and I have and we are in love!!!

Reina loves their coke in a bottle!

my mom trying to figure out the camera haha

Their Guacamole sauce is delicious and spicy too its a perfect addition to their $1 tacos!

My mom got one lengua taco which she said was great!

My mom got their fish tacos which she fell in love with

I got the chicken tacos and I have to admit I have not tried anything else because when I find something I really like I tend to not change it up but I plan on trying something new next time!

They also give you a side of onions and peppers that are to die for! These onions are seriously grilled to perfection! I even got extra last time and ate some by themselves!

Our whole spread. AMAZING!

I took a few pictures of the inside so you could see its very simple which I like they focus more on creating a welcome atmosphere with talking to you and making you feel relaxed rather than have a lot of overhead non-sense. Its great! Dan (one of the owners) is so warm, and welcome he really knows how to make you feel comfortable.

I love churros they are one of my favorite desserts (my sister and I are churro snobs) and they really know how to make them taste great! The sauce is the icing on the cake! ;)

I really give them a thumbs up and 5 stars they are overall great!




  1. wow! your tacos looks amazing! we dont have much mexican restaurants here in the philippines only a couple of stands.big fan!

  2. reina has grown big already! shes super cute!she reminds of me my niece tunishka here.