Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My baby girl

Reina Jean Alexander is here!!!

She was born 7-9-11
Weighing- 6lbs 7oz
Height- 18 inches

She is absolutely perfect in everyway possible and she is amazing. I love being a mother more than I ever imagined and I have also enjoyed watching my wife be a mother.

My mom has been a wonderful grandma and my sister a great, aunt. Everyone has just been so great around her its amazing. I am going to post quite a few photos of her on this blog so let the craziness ensue....

I love my little angel she is my everything. I have been trying to soak up as much of this time as possible that is why I haven't been posting as much but I plan on trying to make a little time to blog soon.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Induction thoughts

I have been really thinking about what my doctor said. I have been doing a ton of research on induction and really weighing out my options. Tiffany and I really want our doctor there. I haven't met any other doctors in the practice so I don't know who I would get if I don't choose to induce.

Tiffany is for the induction and I'm still up in the air. I really just don't know what to do I am super nervous and anxious when I think about the induction, but I am also getting pretty uncomfortable and its hot. I also want to see my baby girl now. (I can wait)

If I do get induced then it would be this Friday. What do you all think? Should I induce? Risk not having my doctor there? Go naturally? Please comment and let me know.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

39 weeks 2days Doctor Appointment

So I just got back from my doctors appointment today. My doctor is on call on Friday at the hospital so she said if she wanted to I can do a induction since she will be gone next week!! That news totally freaked me out. I really really like my doctor and I want her to be the one to deliver Reina. I really don't want to be induced but I don't want to have another doctor deliver. I am nervous about that everyone keeps saying don't be nervous and don't worry about who is going to deliver her etc.

I am sorry but this is my first pregnancy and my first labor and delivery so I am going to be nervous and anxious and all of that. I haven't made up my mind about induction or anything, Tiffany and I haven't discussed this yet so that is what we will do.

But more about the appointment, I am almost 2cm dilated and 70% effaced. My doctor gave me a membrane sweep! I was very excited she did so but it was super uncomfortable. It wasn't super like painful per say it was more like a pressure pain. It was very very high up there and she did a sweep quite a few times around. I did cramp a little bit on the car ride home but nothing major. I have had a few braxton hicks since then soon but again nothing major.

I am now drinking some red raspberry leaf tea to try to help with the contractions and keeping them regular and trying to increase them and get them to be more consistant. I will be walking later once it gets cooler, and I will be doing a ton of standing sitting forward to put pressure on the cervix, and also sitting/bouncing on the yoga ball as well.

My sister took me to my appointment because like I said this was one of the appointments Tiffany couldn't make. It wasn't as bad as I thought but I was getting really nervous before the appointment and after the membrane sweep I was a bit sweaty.

Any who I took a few pics of my sissy and I so enjoy!! And wish me labor!!!!!!

Ok so sorry I got photo happy there anyway hope you enjoyed the post I'll post tomorrow.


Face time!!!!

So this morning I decided to put on mask, not just any mask a strawberry homemade beauty mask!

To make this mask you will need:

  • 1 tsp lemon juice

  • 2 egg whites

  • 3 tsp honey

  • 1 cup strawberries

  • Then you basically Mash or blend all the ingredients. Smooth over face.
    Let it stay for 10 minutes.(or however long you want) Then rinse.

    The "recipe" says its enough for two people but I cut it in half and still have a ton left!

    It doesn't smell gross or like eggs or anything in fact all I can smell is the strawberries. Its a little bit sticky if you happen to touch something with your face but it shouldn't be a problem.

    As it dried I could feel it getting tighter but not an uncomfortable feeling, in fact it feels very refreshing even when its dry.

    So after rinsing it off, my face feels super duper soft and fresh!! I thought it might be a little dry because of the honey but its not!

    All in all I love this mask and I plan on doing it again and again in the future.

    My doctors appointment isn't until later on this afternoon so I think I might do another post for that later! You might get lucky and have two posts today who knows!!

    Hope you enjoyed!!


    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    So yesterday I turned 39 weeks and I am still super ready to have her. Today we went to the doctors office, this time we had to go to a different office luckily it was an ultrasound not an exam. The BPP was great everything was still 8/8 she's doing great she was giving the tech a little bit of trouble she wasn't wanting to move around and they are wanting to make sure she can move around. She finally did and like I said everything is fine.
    My amniotic fluid was down since last time it was at 10cm and now its at 8.1cm the tech said that was still good but I was wondering if maybe the decrease in fluid means maybe labor is close? I don't know.

    Again the tech was saying she thought I would go into labor soon! So that's exciting!!! After we went to the appointment Tiffany and I decided to go see a movie we went to see "Bad Teacher". I really don't like Cameron Diaz sorry but she is not my favorite actress at all. Anyway it was a pretty decent movie there were some pretty funny parts in it.

    Being 39 weeks in the middle of summer is getting pretty exhausting. It's so hot, and it really is tiring and already being anemic its hard to not be tired. I have been really good lately and drinking a ton of water helps, except at night then I am up constantly having to get up to pee.

    Wifey and I had a little bit of a photoshoot today so here are the photos.....

    I also took a few photos of the belly

    I am feeling so huge and I have got a few stretch marks I am not happy about it but I am trying to ignore them. I am hoping that they won't be so prominent once I get back into shape.

    Hope you all enjoyed!!



    Monday, July 4, 2011

    I didn't write yesterday because we had a big party for my brother who was in town from Chicago and we also stopped by our house so I can see our pups!

    I am also writing this post rather late be cause we had a late night last night and actually slept in this morning. We ended up spending an hour and a half at the grocery store getting "supplies" for our dinner.

    Tiffany made two delicious appetizers, one was an avocado wrap,  and the other was bruschetta. For dinner we had baked beans and hamburgers with onion, cheese and bacon inside! They were delicious!! Again I do not have pictures I completely forgot I was soo hungry.

    Anyway I am pretty tired and have an appointment in the AM so I am headed to bed. Sorry for such a short post but I will try to write longer tomorrow. 

    P.S.- Nothing new with Reina she is still not here I am 39 weeks today though. Only one more week til her due date (not that it means anything)


    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Independence day weekend day 1

    So today, Saturday, is the first day of the holiday weekend and I didn't do a whole lot I had some more Red raspberry leaf tea to try to help with labor, I took a nap, played with my moms dog, sat on a yoga ball all day and watched some YouTube videos.

    Sitting on the yoga ball ALL day!!

    I also did dishes and cleaned up the house a little bit. I was going to go swimming but it was super hot 116 degrees!! There was an overcast but I really didn't want to get burnt.. I walked some laps around the house.

    I actually had a few more "real" contractions today nothing super strong or anything. Just very light "menstrual" like cramping. I was hoping the tea and the light contractions would get a bit stronger and everything but nothing... I have had two today so far and I think I will have another or two before I go to bed tonight.

    This was the simple makeup I wore

    I am really hoping to have pizza tonight for dinner, I am super duper hungry right now, and really craving pizza and bread sticks. I probably won't have it but that would be delicious!

    Tomorrow we are going to have a brunch for the holiday and my brother is in from out of town (Chicago) so that should be fun and yummy! Tiffany and I will also be going to our house to maybe do some laundry and check in on our pups who I miss sooo much!! I really can't wait to see them I know they are going to go crazy!

    I may do some more of Reina's laundry too while we are there just to get it done. I'm not sure I haven't decided. Right now as I am writing this I am having a slight contraction. It's definitely different than a Braxton Hicks I can say that I can tell the difference.

    feeling huge @ 38weeks 5days just out of the shower (explains the hair)

    Speaking of that (the difference between contractions) I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to tell the difference or not know when to go to the hospital etc. I am pretty sure that now I have a way better idea of what I will be experiencing, not saying I know the exact feelings and everything nor am I prepared but I can definitely feel/tell the difference.


    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Baby Update

    So I had my first "contraction" (Braxton hicks) that was over 40 seconds long yesterday. It was just over a minute and a half nothing super painful or anything, but I thought of it as maybe a step closer to labor? Who knows?

    I also had my first real contraction early, early this morning as well!!!!!! It wasn't super painful but it was like a strong menstrual cramp at first I wasn't sure if I was still sleeping and dreaming about it or was it really happening. It quickly hit me that it was real I didn't time it and I was still able to talk through it. I was also able to fall back asleep not long after but then I also got woke up later on again with another real contraction. (I haven't had any more since then) 
    38 weeks 4days

    I have an ultrasound appointment today at 10:30 AM so I will have a little bit of an update as far as her growth and also her biophysical (BPP) (which is the ultrasounds that are twice a week) to test her breathing, fluid, etc. (if you really want to know google biophysical profile)

    So I just got back from the ultrasound and running errands and everything is fine her ultrasound is showing that everything is still great she is scoring 8/8 on her BPP and her heart is great. My amniotic fluid has gone up from 9.6 to a 10.7. But I really did not like the ultrasound technician she was rude and wasn't personable and barely even talked to my mom and I. She wasn't telling us anything I had to keep asking what she was measuring what the measurement was, etc. 

    Her spine!!

    I'm getting huge!!

    suppose to be a profile shot but like I said the tech was horrible

    I had to tell her my doctor requested to do another growth ultrasound and she got all upset like I was lying and I also don't know if she measured right (LOL I know I'm not a professional but it didn't seem right) the way she was measuring things was different than the other previous techs had measured. So any way Reina is measuring around 15% at about 6lbs 4oz (these are estimates).

    So I'm not thrilled with the results of these I mean she is doing great so that is what I am most concerned about but I like more information and I just wasn't getting it from the tech. This was also the first appointment that Tiffany didn't get to go to. That was really a shame too I was pretty upset about it I mean its not life or death but I just feel more at ease when she is there. She will be able to make the appointment on Tuesday for the next BPP ultrasound but will be missing my appointment on Wednesday when I get checked again and also my ultrasound next Friday as well. I'm not holding it against her or anything but I guess I'm just a baby when it comes to things like that.

    Anyway hope you all enjoyed this post and I am hoping to have some new things for you all so if you vote below it would be appreciated!!

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