Friday, July 1, 2011

Baby Update

So I had my first "contraction" (Braxton hicks) that was over 40 seconds long yesterday. It was just over a minute and a half nothing super painful or anything, but I thought of it as maybe a step closer to labor? Who knows?

I also had my first real contraction early, early this morning as well!!!!!! It wasn't super painful but it was like a strong menstrual cramp at first I wasn't sure if I was still sleeping and dreaming about it or was it really happening. It quickly hit me that it was real I didn't time it and I was still able to talk through it. I was also able to fall back asleep not long after but then I also got woke up later on again with another real contraction. (I haven't had any more since then) 
38 weeks 4days

I have an ultrasound appointment today at 10:30 AM so I will have a little bit of an update as far as her growth and also her biophysical (BPP) (which is the ultrasounds that are twice a week) to test her breathing, fluid, etc. (if you really want to know google biophysical profile)

So I just got back from the ultrasound and running errands and everything is fine her ultrasound is showing that everything is still great she is scoring 8/8 on her BPP and her heart is great. My amniotic fluid has gone up from 9.6 to a 10.7. But I really did not like the ultrasound technician she was rude and wasn't personable and barely even talked to my mom and I. She wasn't telling us anything I had to keep asking what she was measuring what the measurement was, etc. 

Her spine!!

I'm getting huge!!

suppose to be a profile shot but like I said the tech was horrible

I had to tell her my doctor requested to do another growth ultrasound and she got all upset like I was lying and I also don't know if she measured right (LOL I know I'm not a professional but it didn't seem right) the way she was measuring things was different than the other previous techs had measured. So any way Reina is measuring around 15% at about 6lbs 4oz (these are estimates).

So I'm not thrilled with the results of these I mean she is doing great so that is what I am most concerned about but I like more information and I just wasn't getting it from the tech. This was also the first appointment that Tiffany didn't get to go to. That was really a shame too I was pretty upset about it I mean its not life or death but I just feel more at ease when she is there. She will be able to make the appointment on Tuesday for the next BPP ultrasound but will be missing my appointment on Wednesday when I get checked again and also my ultrasound next Friday as well. I'm not holding it against her or anything but I guess I'm just a baby when it comes to things like that.

Anyway hope you all enjoyed this post and I am hoping to have some new things for you all so if you vote below it would be appreciated!!

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  1. I love the first one! I'm so happy everything's going well with Reina...Can't wait to see her!