Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So yesterday I turned 39 weeks and I am still super ready to have her. Today we went to the doctors office, this time we had to go to a different office luckily it was an ultrasound not an exam. The BPP was great everything was still 8/8 she's doing great she was giving the tech a little bit of trouble she wasn't wanting to move around and they are wanting to make sure she can move around. She finally did and like I said everything is fine.
My amniotic fluid was down since last time it was at 10cm and now its at 8.1cm the tech said that was still good but I was wondering if maybe the decrease in fluid means maybe labor is close? I don't know.

Again the tech was saying she thought I would go into labor soon! So that's exciting!!! After we went to the appointment Tiffany and I decided to go see a movie we went to see "Bad Teacher". I really don't like Cameron Diaz sorry but she is not my favorite actress at all. Anyway it was a pretty decent movie there were some pretty funny parts in it.

Being 39 weeks in the middle of summer is getting pretty exhausting. It's so hot, and it really is tiring and already being anemic its hard to not be tired. I have been really good lately and drinking a ton of water helps, except at night then I am up constantly having to get up to pee.

Wifey and I had a little bit of a photoshoot today so here are the photos.....

I also took a few photos of the belly

I am feeling so huge and I have got a few stretch marks I am not happy about it but I am trying to ignore them. I am hoping that they won't be so prominent once I get back into shape.

Hope you all enjoyed!!


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  1. You look super cute! Hope the lil bebe comes soon for you!! :)