Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hey lovelies!

So I had it all planned out I was going to write a nice big blopost with great pictures for you and guess what wifey had to take the camera to work and I forgot to upload any pics so I could update you all.

I am sowwy (sorry)! Anyway I guess I shall update you on other news. Tiffany and I have been discussing and tossing around the idea of me homeschooling Reina. I really love the idea and wifey does too. You may be thinking its to early to worry about that but I disagree! I want to be fully prepared and have all the knowledge I can before the time comes.

I love my daughter and I want her to have the best education she can have and I feel I can give that to her I know a lot of you are probably saying "wait what about her social activities?!" There are plenty of groups and other mothers who homeschool that I can get together with and also she will be in other activites such as sports and ballet etc. I also don't want to limit her to other kids her same age she may not relate to them as well as she would relate to kids of other ages as well. There are so many different reasons I have for wanting her to be homeschooled and not go to public school.

Also a fun thing for me will be decorating a room or area of the house for her to be taught in and Tiffany came up with a good idea to teacher her outside, I love that idea and I think what I will do is teach different subjects outside to make it more fun.

these are a few rooms I like I LOVE the organization!!

I also want to keep it fun and do things that she will look back on and remember she loves! I want to use things that are in everyday life that she will use and relate to in life. The only thing I am worried about is when she gets to like high school level. But I will conquer that once I get closer to that.

I have so many ideas for things to do I need to right them down as they come to me! I have a notebook I am going to start with ideas and a list of things I can slowly buy to put in a bin to save for when the time comes to start the schooling. I think we are going to keep it pretty structured as far as having set times and planning out weeks and things like that.

I hope she enjoys it, loves it and has enthusiasm for it!


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