Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy New Year!

It has been a crazy couple months since I wrote about going back to school! Not only because of juggling school and home life, but the holidays made it even more hectic! It feels like it was ages ago already, but here's a few pics of our adventures!
We took the Polar Express in Northern Arizona! Of course we took Nana and Poppy, and baby girl was dressed in her "Cahdnls" (Cardinals) gear, under her coat.

While Christmas shopping, I managed to find some cute finds (but for my piggy bank's sake, I left them at the store!). I love the little bow on these gloves. I didn't think I would ever wear leather pants, but these ones were kind of cute. And that cape was seriously gorgeous!

 We also made it down to Glendale Glitters to see all the lights around the park. Reina loved the blinking ones. 

It was nice seeing so much family and getting to talk to everyone about starting school, but I am excited to get back into a normal routine!

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