Friday, September 23, 2011

Baby Girl is growing so fast!

I cannot believe its already been over two months!! Its insane!

I love being a mommy and I know I keep saying that but its so true. It's completely unreal how rewarding it is. Even when I am exhausted and she wants to be up and play, just a simple look at her little face is enough to give me the will to keep going.

We went to get baby girls shots when she was two months and a few days old and she was not happy but we did find out she was 10 lbs 5oz and 22" long! I cannot believe she has grown sooo much since she was born!

So I will add quite a few photos to this post and hope you enjoy!

Below: Reina with her mom and the worlds 2nd largest bear...POLAR BEAR!!

Reina and her mom watching Sunday Football!!

still watching football reina loves to sit up

I can't believe this once was super huge on her and now its close to being too small

Theres a few of these because she makes so many cute faces

She loves to smile and I love it too!

This was the second time we tried to go on a date night with Reina this time was way more successful!

She loves to do this we call  it magic flying baby

She loves to sleep on our chest.

She also likes to sleep in just her diaper

in her Auntie's no 1 onesie!!

She's starting to not like being in her carseat :S

So she really enjoys football would'a known?

These are my favorite pjs!

She looks so adorable when she sleeps

She loves to hog the bed

Shes a goofy goober :D

I hope you enjoyed these adorable pictures there will be many many more to come!


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