Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Huge-Ton O' Pictures!!

Reina at her first picnic!!

From our 2nd date night

My wife looks sexy!

Good morning!!

she's got bright eyes

Cranky sleepy

My girls

She really does have so many faces shes full of character

Sitting in a big chair!

she is truely a happy baby

this is her tired face

She loves watching football in her Cardinals onsies she has 3 (i think) so far

I love this face she is soo precious!!

She is now wearing cloth diapers every so often I would like to use them all the time but Tiffany is not comfortable yet

She loves to fall asleep close to me

Aunt Ari took a break to say hey to Reina

she loves the headband I made her! 

Aunty Jen just loves Reina

Playing around on her playmat

She had her hands in her pockets watching tv!!

mom playing around!

She is adorable in her little overalls! 

Another cloth diaper

Again another cloth diaper she really seems to like them

Look at these adorable little sockie shoes they are also rattles!!

She wanted me to come closer

mommy loves playing with baby girl

She was staring at herself in the plastic mirror she loves it!

I am in love with this onesie old school mickey!!

My favorite cloth diaper from Happy Heiny LEOPARD PRINT!

again aunty jen!!

she loves to relax and kick back

She actually let me get ready!

she's got such great faces she's thinking "huh why?"


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