Wednesday, January 26, 2011

16 weeks pregnant update

Hey everyone!!

So yesterday I went to my doctors office for my check up they weighed me in at 123.1 lbs and I did my measurements of a 34.5 inch waist. I am definately getting bigger!!
Some days I feel no different than before I was pregnant, other days I feel bigger than I am and soo much more pregnant, its so crazy that basically each day is different I love it all the same!!

16 weeks 2days!!

So the most embarassing/ hilarious thing happend, I went to give my urine sample and I was in the bathroom and I was already having a difficult time bending over to see if the cup was in place. I set the "specimen" on top of the toilet paper dispenser and I was trying to get some "tp" it wouldn't come off in a full piece for the life of me.

So while struggling for a decent size piece of "tp I notice the cup I had used had a hole in it!!! I was mortified!! I was freaking out trying to hurry to get another cup before the cup was empty!!

Then on top off all that I couldn't get just one cup it was 4!! So I had to clean up luckily they had some cleaning products and I was trying to do this all fast so that it didn't seem odd that I was there for a while.

Tiffany, my wife, was looking at me like what took so long? I said " I don't want to talk about it right now. I was laughing so hard in my head.

So on to my "exciting" appointment which was like 5 minutes long!! We didn't get to see baby but we got to hear the heartbeat!!! It was between 140 and 158! So baby is going strong and healthy!! I cannot wait for the gender scan on Febuary 14!!! Valentine's day!!!!

I also wanted to share with you all something that Tiffany and I thought was interesting....We found out on Halloween that we're pregnant, we'll find out the sex of the baby on Valentine's day, and the baby is due near July 4th (July 11th to be exact but close enough)!!!

Lots of Love,

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