Sunday, January 23, 2011

Review on- Forever21 Maternity Dress

If you haven't follwed my previous blog or don't watch my videos on or you don't know me personally (hehe) you may not know that I am 16 weeks pregnant (well on monday but were close enough right?)

That leads to buying new clothes (unfortunately? fortunately?) either way you look at it I did.. Luckily I had a gift card to Forever21 and the store in my town has some of the maternity clothing in stock.

So I took a looksy and nothing was super appealing most of it is just really plain and thats kind of perturbing (to me at least). Isn't forever21 known for being "modern" and kind of "different" styles. I'm not sure maybe thats just me.

Anyway after looking around for about 20 minutes my wife asked "are you going to pick anything up?!"

So I look through the last maternity rack and I found this gorgeous purple maxi dress! I was so excited because its a gorgeous color, its not black, which will be too hot here in summer, and it was on sale!!

So my thoughts on the dress:
Gorgeous color

A tiny bit long (not bad especially when baby gets bigger)
A tab bit too low for my taste ( even more so now with my bust getting bigger)

So as you see there are definately more pros than cons and I am loving this dress its so comfy its almost like a night-gown! But much more fancy!!

I wanted to include a few self portraits of me wearing the dress so you all can get a better visual

I hope you all have a great wonderful weekend even though it's almost over enjoy it til the last drop!!

Lots of Love,


  1. I actually love the dress she is wearing and checked the website to see if it was on there. I think she makes a very beautiful pregnant woman. For some reason I thought Jewel had already had her baby. Seems like she’s been pregnant forever now. Thanks for sharing..
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