Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hair growth

Who loves to change up their hair? I do! I have been changing the color, style, texture of my hair since I can remember. I don't know if thats a good or bad thing but for the sake of this post were going to say.....it was...a....negative. It pains me to say that because I've become addicted to doing it whenever I get bored with my hair color or style I just change it no worries, no questions or second thoughts.

Well times have changed for a number of reasons.. mainly, being pregnant ( I know I can dye my hair while being pregnant in fact that's one of the first things I asked my doctor but I have chose..for now to refrain as long as I possibly can) but also to let my hair regain some health and grow out.

So here's where my story begins around Febuary or March of last year I had that urge to change my hair again and I decided blonde. It wasn't scary to me because I have gone blonde once or twice before. So my hair was about shoulder length and pretty dark.

In the picture below I am on the left and as you can see my hair is dark and long and looks decently healthy

So I went from that gorgeous dark long healthy-ish hair to horrible stages of orange and yellow and finally to a yellow-ish blonde. I gave myself the dead line of my birthday which was rapidly approaching and so I got the famous purple toner and shampoo and conditioner and used them all majorly on my hair. Before I knew it, it was my birthday and all I can say is it was decent it was way better than the orange and the yellow was fading pretty fast.

Oh yeah did I mention I also added some red to my bangs..no? Well I did :)
So then I continued to work on getting the bit of yellow-ness out of my hair and toning it reapeatedly. In between all of this I have been deep conditioning my hair almost every other day. So for about another 3 weeks I am working on making it platinum and it did get there I am happy to say.

This was at the lightest and I had made a few trims to it to cut off the fried ends. I was trying to keep up with the blonde but my hair was growing so fast that every week my roots were showing and they were DARK! So I decided it was a good idea to just go back to black and chop my hair into a bob around my ears.

So after cutting my hair nearly in half I was a bit upset but I told myself that I needed to get on taking care of it and getting it healthy again. So I did I started doing different treatments, all at home. Oil treatments, homemade remedies, deep conditioning over night just about anything you could think of. It was exhausting I got so fed up I did the unthinkable and cut my hair again! This time it was even shorter and I was frightened to cut it because I had never had my hair that short before so I took myself to a salon which I NEVER do. This is what happened.

My hair was the shortest its ever been and I loved it!! I felt like a pixie! So I was so in love and I had so much fun styling it and finding new ways to wear it. I usually get sick of hair cuts after like 2 weeks and I cry and want my old hair back. With this hair cut I just kept loving it more and more and then 6 weeks went by and it was still great.
The love began to wear off about 3-4 months in and I was ready for my hair to be longer again. I have been growing my hair out and making it healthy all over again for the zillionth time since that cut. I can really look back on this picture and see how much my hair has grown in the short months (which have felt like forever until I got pregnant).

My hair is different lengths and if you look at the picture you can see why but parts are getting so close to my shoulders and I am getting so excited!!
I haven't been doing a ton of treatments or deep conditioning I have just been using less heat and only a few products I have been using Cibu Ancient Serum, every time I get out of the shower.
 If I am going to wear my hair natural (wavy) then I will put some mousse in it.

So now that everyone is bored with this post and probably not even reading this I hope you all enjoyed reading my recent hair journey in the past year. If you have any questions about products I've used or anything please ask me!!

Thanks for reading enjoy your week!!!!

Lots of Love,

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  1. love your hair and i can't believe how fast it is growing!