Wednesday, February 16, 2011

19 weeks 1 day Pregnant!

Hey lovely ones!!

On Monday we went to have an ultrasound and find out the gender!! I was soo excited and nervous.
The morning started around 8:30am I made a Valentine's day breakfast for my wife. We relaxed a bit then we went to the doctors office we got there at 10:30ish and checked in we waited and waited it actually wasn't too long maybe 15 minutes. We walked back and talked to the ultrasound technichian asked if we could video record unfortunately at that facility they don't allow it because other people use it against them in court and horrible things like that. Some people just really do ruin it for everyone. Its ok I will never forget it.

my eyes look a bit scary

So other than that we had the nicest most wonderful ultrasound tech. She was perfect and so helpful and actually talked to us and informed us of everything she was doing. We even got to see the 4 chambers of the heart it was soo amazing!!

So baby is 100% perfect and wonderful in every way everything is normal; size, heart, organs, legs, feet, hands, fingers and toes are all there and working perfectly. Weighing in at about 8 ounces.

19 weeks 2 days

 Totally posing one hand on head and one under chin!!

AND BABY'S GENDER IS..................................

A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!

We knew it from the beginning but now its confirmed!! We are soo excited and happy and her name is going to be Reina Jean!! We made our "rounds" of telling all of our family members in person that we could. And tried calling most of our family out of town.

When we came home we decided we wanted to get to working on her room and we brought everything out and sorted through the clothes we already have and the diapers we have and just everything.

Still a ton more organizing to do we were just looking at what we have

Just a part of the diaper stash (left disposable diapers, right cloth diapers)

We also have a dresser we got used from my step-dad (which used to be his dads) and we have been needing to stain it to match the rest of the furniture so we did that as well. And by we I mean wifey did it I watched and supervised. It only has one coat and it needs two but it looks amazing and is almost a perfect match to the rest of the furniture!

I am just so thrilled that we know now so we can get everything set up and put together and start on our decor were still having a nautical themed nursery but to make it more girly I am adding some special touches. I may make a blog post about it or a video on how to but that will be in the weeks to come.

Thank you all for following my blog and supporting me I really appreciate it!!

Lots of Love,


  1. Oh Ally I'm sooo happy and excited for you both! A lil girl! aawww :D I love the pics!

  2. Hey's Melissa (Jessica's awesome friend from Savers!)...just wanted to say congratulations! Jess told me you were having a girl and they are SO much fun!

  3. Obviously, we feel nervous about the gender..but now I hope everything is fine with U.... I'm gonna keep posting on here and pray all is ok for you..So exciting for U right...Hmmm for me too dear.19 weeks pregnant

  4. you and your wife are going to be wonderful mothers x