Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Brunch

So on sunday we went to my moms house for our family brunch, and we usually do this every Sunday or every 2 weeks. This brunch was extra special because my grandma and cousin came down from Prescott for the weekend so we got to see them which was nice since we haven't seen my grandma since Christmas and I haven't seen my cousin, Ari since I don't remember when but it's been a while.

We had delicious food thanks to my mommy as usual.

This is going to be short becasue I am very tired sorry loves!

                                          From left to right: My cousin, Ari, Me and my sister, Jessica

                                                                        Baby is a star!!!

We went to downtown glendale to try to get some cute photos and my grandma was making jokes making us laugh!

         From left to right: My mom, Roxy, My nani (grandma) Mary, Me and My wifey, Tiffany
                                                                        Us just being goofy

Lots of Love,


  1. Haha what wonderful photos!!! I love the looking down one! and that photo of nani making you laugh made ME laugh!

  2. these were too cute! I was laughing with the last one as well lol