Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mini Vacation

So again I have been slacking but I kind of have good reason I have been planning our trip (mini vacation). We are picking up Tiffany's dad in Winslow, AZ and we are taking him to his flight in Las Vegas, Nevada which will be taking him to Northern California.

When we first decided to do this we were going to just do that just take him to his flight then say goodbye. But we got to thinking and then decided that it would be fun to take a baby moon in Vegas for an extra couple of nights. Well we decided we were going to be spontaneous and not reserve a hotel and just see if we could find a place to stay for an extra night or two.

picture used from Google maps

Well our plans changed yet again! We decided that the six hour drive from Winslow to Vegas wasn't going to be enough time for Tiffany and her dad to talk and spend time together. (long story short they haven't seen each other in almost four years and he is now moving) So we have decided that we are going to get him on his plane and drive up the coast and meet him in Northern California.

So this is the very very general area of where we are going. We are going to be at one of the places on the FARRR left just on the coast.

picture used from Google maps

So as exciting as it is that we are doing this it gets even more exciting and also a bit stressful. So the exciting part is that he is moving to where Tiffany had her most fond memories of growing up and her "best" childhood years, which happens to be with her fathers ex fiance. I have heard so much about her over the years and I have even had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with her and have spoke to her on the phone a few times and now I get to meet her! "M" which is his ex-fiance. "R" as in Tiffany's dad. "M" and "R" have some what "re-kindled" what they once had so that is where he is going.

This is an areal view of the "small" town
picture used from Google maps

So basically we are going to stay with "M" and "R" for a few days and just spend some family time and some relaxation from reality, which is good in moderation. So you might be saying, "well what's the stressful part then?" Well there are a few, one planning the trip and making sure all the hotels are booked for the right days, planning the gas costs, and making sure we travel far enough to make the hotels.

Next is well we have dogs and although we don't have to worry about who will watch them and everything like that (our roommate will) our neighbors are jerks and they tried calling the police on our dogs twice (which got them no where because the cops didn't care) for barking at eight in the morning because they decided to do loud and I mean loud yard work on a Saturday. Anyway that is another stressor because while we do have someone to watch them he does have a job so.... 

All in all I am super excited to go I love California, I love Tiffany and spending any time with her, I want to meet "M" and get to know "R" better, and its going to be a exciting, fun, spontaneous trip all together. Plus it should give me a ton to write about...right?

Lots of Love,

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