Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ideas and Input

Good Afternoon everyone!! I hope your day is going amazing!! I am a bit stressed today but over all I'm doing very well.
The pregnancy is going pretty well its just getting a bit tiring. I feel huge although I'm told that I'm tiny, but I will make it through, what other choice do I have? (only kidding its not that horrible) Sleeping is a chore and almost a joke I think I maybe get 3-4 hours a night, on a good night it'll be 6 hours. That is just not cutting it.

Anyway the reason why I am writing this blogpost is I was thinking of doing makeup classes for women in my area. I was thinking like the basics, how to match your foundation, how to make your makeup work for you, a basic smokey eye, etc. I think things like that would really be helpful to some women, I would suggest that they bring their makeup (not a TON of things but you know a good portion).

I really want to know any ideas you all have. If you were to go to a Makeup basics class how much would you pay(realistically)? What would you want to learn? Would you prefer it to be one on one or with a group of ladies? I'd really appreciate a TON of feedback on this please!!


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  1. I think that sounds fun! It would be cool to do with a group rather than one on one.. and you could make a schedule that has what lesson you'll be doing that day (like smoky eye one day, foundation and conceiler another) so they know what to bring. Also, do u have a rec center near u? I used to work for gilbert rec and they let u make up your own classes and schedule (usually) so that might be a good route to look at..I made pretty good money working there! They determine the price of the class I believe. Good luck, wish I lived closer!