Friday, May 27, 2011

Nursing clothing

I have been debating wether or not to buy nursing clothing, well shirts. To me it sounds perfectly logical too but I have been reading a few women say they are a waste of money. I have a nursing cover and a few camis that I could wear under a shirt.

Being a new mom I feel that nursing tanks and shirts make so much more sense and that it would make it easier. I don't have a ton of pre-pregnancy clothing that is super loose fitting a few tops here and there. Should I maybe just get a few more, more loose fitting shirts so I can wear a cami under?

I am going to keep this post short but PLEASE I need some feedback!!


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  1. In my experience I found it easier to wear nursing camis under a loose fitting shirt. So id pull the shirt up and unhook the cami. The few nursing shirts I did have would get stretched out in the boob area from pulling it to the side and look all weird. The nursing camis are so worth the money though!