Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mommy purchase

So we have ordered a few things for baby Reina and I am so glad we have. We have a few weeks left but all of you moms out there know how it can be when your counting down the weeks and it seems like its coming so fast.

The first thing we purchased was a gate for her room, since she is in the "den" there are no doors on her room and we just want to be able to have something to keep the dogs out if we want to.

We purchased the gate off and I cannot wait to get it. It should be here next week the delivery date is the 12th - 16th I believe. The gate we chose:
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The gate is Regalo Extra Wide Wide-Span Gate, It retails for $74.99. We chose this particular one for many reasons; there were a ton of great reviews, we like the latch opening, we liked that it had a "doorway" to walk through instead of "jumping" over it, that it was obviously extra long and would fit our space.
Since it is obviously not a cheap piece we are hoping it works up to our expectations so we shall see and I will let you know how it works.

The second item we purchased was the breast pump, also from and the delivery date is the same as well. I have decided to breastfeed but we also want to be able to have Tiffany feed Reina too. Also there are just times when it will be easier to give her a bottle. My whole take on breastfeeding is that I am not going to stress myself or the baby out over it. Of course I really would like to exclusively breastfeed but that may not work.
Regardless we purchased the Medela brand I have done research for months on the different brands and styles, etc. I feel that Medela brand was the best for us and the style I wanted I knew was electric.
So I continued with research for another month or two, and I finally decided I wanted the Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack:

Product Image Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Backpack
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This particular pump retails for $279.99 and we got it on sale for $251.99 so that was a $28.00 savings which helps! So again I had done a lot of research on this breast pump and a ton of women had said it was completely worth the cost and especially if you are going to have more than one child, and or going to be breastfeeding for at least a year. 

For me I think it is the best obviously I won't know for a while until I can use it but I am thinking it will be great, again I will let you all know my thoughts on it.

If you have any questions please ask!!


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  1. Two GREAT choices! I have a friend with that baby gate and it is really nice to be able to walk through it instead of trying to step over it! Also, I was also told to buy that pump as well, so I really hope it works out for you!! We didnt have the money when Shayne was born and nursing didnt work for me...but I REALLY hope it does for you since that is your goal:) Also, coming from someone who cried and cried over not being able to nurse and getting judged for it...DONT be hard on yourself if you find its not the right fit for you! I really wanted to nurse Shayne...but I just needed peace between her and I and she loved the I will try again with this kid...but not be so overwhelmed if it doesnt work. Finding out what is the most peaceful solution for both you and baby (and Tiffany) is the most important:). A calm house is a happy house with a newborn! Good luck:)